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Dave Barry Plastics supply custom-built plastic products for the BioPharma, Pharmaceutical and medical device Industries. We operate from a 15,000 sq. ft factory in Dungarvan Co. Waterford. As a result, this allows us to work with some of the largest BioPharma Pharmaceutical and medical device companies throughout Ireland and export bespoke plastic products to companies all over the world.

We work with clients to provide plastic chemical resistant cleanroom furniture and fittings that provides a unique 5s solution to their individual requirements. Our PPE storage and dispensers have excellent resistance to sporicidal and alcohol cleaning agents. This offers a unique alternative to conventional stainless-steel units.

We also manufacture bespoke solutions for single use bioprocess bags, tubing and filter setups and solution for tube mapping and crimping. We have produced a vast range of bespoke colour coded size/change part storage trolleys and tool shadow boards to help optimizes the changeover times for setup. Another added benefit is the protection of the parts while stored in the trolley and reduces the risks of misplaced or damage.

All our products are manufactured from FDA approved material, which is essential for plastics in these industries.

Throughout our factory, the strictest quality control checks are in place. At Dave Barry Plastics, we pride ourselves on our quality. Our background in engineering ensures that all our bespoke plastic products are carefully planned and designed.

Single Use Bag Totes
Shadow Boards

Featured Project

Tool Shadow Board

Working closely with Genzyme to facilitate for their exact requirements, we designed this tool shadow board to maximise productivity by making it easier to find and store tools in the lab.

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