Spool and Tube Storage

At Dave Barry Plastics we manufacture all types of tube storage units. We supply trolleys to suit suit all types of jumpers and spools for transport and storage. The storage trolleys protect the parts and ensures longevity of you parts.


1000l Tube Encapsulation     Sampling Bag Trolley
1000L Tube Encapsulation                                      Sampling Bag Trolley


Single Use Manifold Trolley 1     Single Use Manifold Trolley
Single Use Manifold Trolley                                    Single Use Manifold Trolley


Spool Storage Trolley     Tube Support Shadow Management Trolley 1
Spool Storage                                                             Tube support Shadow Management Trolley


Tube Support Shadow Management Trolley     Tube Encapsutation Units and Storage Trolleys 1
Tube support Shadow Management Trolley     Tube Encapsulation Units and Storage                                                                                                    Trolley


Tube Encapsutation Units and Storage Trolleys     Tube Tidy and Storage Drum
Tube Encapsulation Units and Storage               Tube Tidy and Storage Drum